Monday, May 13, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Prom Edition

This past Friday I had the opportunity to relive my teenage years and go to prom again.  My husband and I were chaperoning for his school's prom and decided to treat it as our actually prom had we been together.  Sweet hubby even surprised me with a corsage! 

Dinner was at Monterey Bay, which I have never been too.  Monterey Bay is located on Mt. Washington which offers incredible views of the city.

Capturing the moment

First up, appetizers!  The skewer had tuna, salmon and swordfish, a crab cake which was incredible and two shrimp with an orange marmalade sauce.

I had a salad with goat cheese stuffed dates.  My previous experience with goat cheese was not pleasant but here it was smooth & creamy.  I may be a goat cheese convert!

Hubby got a crab soup with a spicy tomato base, super delicious!

My entree was Yellow Fin Tuna, with Black Peppercorns and Green Onions.  This was amazing, the best I've ever had I joked with the hubby that after our first child is born this is what I wanted for dinner. ;)

My date got the Walleye, which was buttery and melted in your mouth.

Last up, dessert!  Chocolate Truffle cake which was moist, rich and decadent.  The perfect way to end the meal before going dancing! 

So lucky to have this guy as my date.
Hope you have a great Monday!

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  1. YOU guys are the sweetest EVER! How fun you got to chaperone the prom! You both looked so fab and I loved your dress!!

    Mike and I think we are going to go to eat there for our 5 year anny this month! We do love it there too!!!

    Happy monday! <3

  2. HOW FUN! This is definitely the cutest date ever :D

  3. Hi Beth!

    I wanna let you know about a blogger meetup that I'm putting together on June 2! Here's a link to the details:

    I posted about it, but I wanted to invite you personally. I'd love to meet you! :)

  4. That looks delicious! Monterrey Bay has been on my short list for special dinner locations for a while now. Perhaps an anniversary dinner, considering we don't have any proms coming up... :) Also, great dress!