Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Current Loving

Hi friends! Sorry I haven't been around lately things have been getting busy around here, I'm hoping to post more once things get less hectic.  I wanted pop in and share what products I have been loving lately.

1.) EOS Lip balm in Lemon, a subtle lemon scent that makes a nice change from my minty lip balm rotation.

2.) Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac in Caribbean Escape makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I love that the scent is not hello I just put hand sanitizer on and the pretty scent lasts for a good while.

3.) I have been baking Gina's Baked Breakfast Cookies this last week and a half. I love how they're so easy to make with lots of customizable options. My last batch was Reese's Pb Cup. Plus I can throw these into my purse as a quick snack, winner winner chicken dinner.

4.) Lululemon's Power Purple color. I've been bitten by the purple bug. I want to own everything in Power Purple. So far I have the Cool Racer Back Tank and I want to wear it every day. I'm looking at the Contempo Jacket as my next purchase. ;)

5.) Songza App let's you choose music based on your mood/activities/atmosphere. Such as BBQ, city cruising, lying low on a Sunday afternoon, putting on your party dress, etc. Once you choose your mood then you select a playlist of songs that's been curated by Songza.  I've been a big fan of bedtime selections. Best of all it's free and there's no "on radio" ads or listening limits!

6.) Maxi dresses, have quickly become my favorite summer staple!  I just ordered this is one is from Kiki La Rue today and bought another one from Target the other day.  Yep, not obsessed or anything.

7.)  Katie and I are walking the Color Me Rad 5K this Sunday (if she doesn't give birth yet!)  I am super excited, I've never done any races like this but seems like a ton of fun.

8.) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Nude Lustre.  This is my ideal nude not too light or pinky.  Word on the street is that they're discontinuing this line.  Some think that this gloss is too sticky but I think it has the perfect amount to last a good while.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. I have been so curious about that EOS lipbalm! I'm definitely a sucker for cute, quirky packaging :P

  2. Oh my gosh Alex it is yummy! It's perfect for the summer time. :)