Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Outfits

While giving her readers a tour of her closet, Cori showed a spot where she placed pre-planned outfits on hangers for those in case of last minute woes. I thought that this was a great idea. Normally I wait until the last minute or will look at for inspiration and have no luck thus it yields to so-so outfits. I know its suppose to be cold this weekend here in Pittsburgh, so I definitely planned for layers. (Oddly enough I hate to layer for some reason, I guess I think more layers=more laundry hehe). So here are the outfits I picked out.

Target Black Turtleneck 
Target Zipper Rosette Tank 
NY&Co Straight Jeans 
Gold bracelets

Target Thermal 
Land's End Down Vest 
NY&Co Straight Jeans

NY&Co Orange Ruffle Shirt 
NY&Co Embellished Cardi 
ON Wide Leg Trouser Jeans 
Gold Crystal Chandelier Earrings (not pictured)

Gold snakeskin flats to be paired with 1st & 3rd outfits.

Note to self, when creating these outfits I realized I do not have any solid, neutral scarves (need gray or cream)...perhaps this will be next on my shopping list.

1 comment:

  1. love the puffer vest for when it gets colder and ballet flats are always chic!
    xo Cara