Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stitchfix #2

I signed up for my latest Stitchfix to be in the middle of June.  (I know it's mid July now, but better late than never!)  I was excited to see what my stylist had picked out since I also included my "Stylish Inspirations" pinterest board.  When the box came, I saw something that caught my eye instantly.  This dress by THML.  There was an earlier version of this floating around months ago but in tank form.  I've seen it on other blogs and fell in love with it.  Lo and behold it came in one of my most favorite piece for summer, the maxi dress.  I'm kinda obsessed with stripes and add a pretty embroidery detail, love at first sight my friends.

Next up this top, which I did like however it was a bit too sheer for me.  Yes, I could add a tank underneath but who wants to layer when it's summer out?  It also felt like it had an autumn/fall vibe to it.

I fell in love with this pretty shade of mint green.  I loved everything about this blouse except for the for the front slit underneath the gold buttons.  Which was odd when tucking into the skirt because if I didn't have the skirt high enough I would be showing a sliver of skin.  I loved the combo of the mint and abstract skirt together!  The black & white abstract skirt was another print that I fell in love with from this fix.  Plus it had adorable side pockets.  Unfortunately I did not think the fit was flattering.  I felt that it accentuated my hips and made them look wider than what they are.  

I liked this shirt tucked in with the skirt and could envision it tucked into a pair of dark jeans too.  Untucked felt too much like maternity wear for me.  I was on the fence about the collar, while I liked the contrast of black and white, I wasn't sure if I liked that the contrasted parts was all about the collar.

I did keep the THML maxi dress, I think it's prefect for lounging around the house or hosting a summer BBQ.  

What's your summer go-to piece?


  1. Looove that dress! The details are gorgeous!

  2. I've wanted to try Stich Fix. Seems like so much fun. The lacy pattern on the dress is very pretty.

  3. Love that third outfit! So cute!

  4. Hi Tricia! You should definitely try stitchfix, it's so much fun to see what the stylists pick out for you . Plus you can pick your price point, which I love. :)

  5. Thanks Rachel! Definitely loving mint these days. :)

  6. love them all.. I def agree with the shirt tucked into the skirt! looks great
    totally following! can't wait to see more

    xo Jessica
    Follow back if you want!

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