Friday, June 14, 2013

Closet Overhaul Part One: Pinterest Ideas

Yesterday, I came across this post by Cassidy Miller on overhauling your closet.  I've been cleaning out my closets since I got married but still feel that I can donate more.  (I have one at my parents and one at my and my husband's place.)  The first step that Cass advises is to go through your Pinterest board and see what items, colors, ideas are reoccurring.  Here's what I came up with:

  • Neutral tones: black, grey, brown, navy, blush, and ivory 
  • Colors: mustard, aqua, mint, coral, hot pink, cobalt, purple and orange.
  • Chambray
  • Stripes
  • Lace + Crochet
  • Ethnic prints
  • Leopard
  • Bird print
  • Statement jewelry 
  • Scarves
  • Little details (beading, scalloping, etc.)
  • Denim: Either dark wash skinnies or flares (a la Rachel Zoe), medium wash distressed skinnies and shorts.
  • Maxi skirts and dresses
  • Tall brown boots and black leggings for fall
  • Dark denim jacket & blazers (which I fell in love with this past winter/fall)
  • Vintage tees
  • Faux fur vest
  • Black + tan/cognac
  • Black + colorful accents
  • Headbands, messy hair and a smokey eye with nude lips.
Overall I think it's a little boho but tailored.  I like structure in pants and jackets to make it look more streamlined and not too hippie.  I'm transitioning into a place were I don't need a ton of business/work clothes.  Almost on a daily a basis I wear workout clothes (which are colorful and bright, unlike my love for neutrals.)  My mind tells me I don't need all of these clothes when I only get dressed on the weekends and a few odd days in between.  The hardest part is parting with the clothing and the what-ifs that pop up in my mind.  Such as what if this occasion comes up? What if I get another job opportunity? Then I'll have to go and get new clothing, so why part with it when in the future I will need to spend more money on it? Ideally I would like to have one pair of dress pants and one skirt, so we'll see. I've even made a word document detailing the clothing items and each place and even though I've donated and given clothes away I still feel kinda overwhelmed looking at it.

The next step that Cass recommends is to purge and choose 15 pieces that you absolutely LOVE.  I know that I will definitely donate or give to friends the items I have at my parents house since that stuff was just stuff to have there if I stayed over, so no big deal.  

Let the purging begin!


  1. I clean out my closets CONSTANTLY, which really helps for months like this one, when I'm moving.

    I have found this to be super helpful: If I'm having trouble deciding whether to keep a piece, I brainstorm all of the different scenarios that I would want it. Then, I look in my closet to see if there is any other piece that would also work in those scenarios. If yes, then I keep one and donate the other :)

  2. Our lists look very similar! I'm all about lace and messy hair! :)