Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Learning & Reusing

In an attempt to wear pieces that I've purchased a few years ago, I present this cream top and the blazer below.  Before I started reading/following style blogs I probably would have chucked these two pieces without batting eye.  (Marriage also makes you more um money conscience.)

I must say I am pretty proud of myself,  I never thought of myself as a "blazer person" but I've worn it several different ways and didn't feel like a stuffy business person in it.  The top is pretty much an easy piece to incorporate into my wardrobe.  I think I never wore it because it was too dressy for every day life.  Reading style blogs has made me realize almost anything goes anymore.  Just as long as your confident in your clothing, that's all that matters.  You don't need to have the most expensive trench or the latest handbag and shoes to look fabulous.  As long as you're you, that's always in style.

What have you learned from reading style/fashion blogs?

Anything in your closet that you've purchased but have never worn?

Linking up with Lindsey for What I Wore Wednesday & Lauren for the Style Sessions.


  1. Hi Beth! Just discovered your blog. I am a fellow stripe lover and fussy coffee drinker too. :P Love the blazer!

  2. Hi Stephanie!  Thanks for saying "Hello!"  Yes stripes + coffee are what make the world go round in my books. ;)

  3. You wear that blazer really well! I totally agree - confidence is the best accessory :)

  4. I love rediscovering older pieces in my closet! I almost never get rid of clothes, since I can layer them and reuse them. That's probably the biggest thing I've learned from style blogs; anything can be wearable again in the right outfit. I'm a fan of both of those outfits!

  5. Thanks Alex!  It's definitely becoming a staple over here. :)

  6. I agree, it's all about remixing pieces in new unexpected ways.  Nothing alittle creativity can't solve. ;)