Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life as of Late

The new year has brought on lots of busyness.  We are officially at the 5.5-5 month mark for our wedding and have been trying to decide on a reception place. (Wish I think we found *fingers crossed*) Plus think about bridemaids dress fittings, groomsmen, cake, dj, guest list etc. Somehow we went from 100 to 131 people to invite, oops my poor counting!  In other news, I started Insanity to become more fit for the wedding.  I think I'm also going to get a gym membership so I can lift heavier weights instead of my standard dumbbells at home.  My goal is to be the most fit I have have ever been in my life at my wedding. I started making an inspiration board a la fitnessista style, which I'll post when it's finished.   I also want to start reading more.  I've started a book,  Sweet Invention: A History of Dessert by Michael Brondt.  I can't seem to get into it though.  I've had it for about two weeks and have only read 50 pages thus far.  I'm hoping to post some wedding deets soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Oh, by the way, GREAT blog name\title! -Jessica