Friday, February 1, 2013

Wardrobe from Scratch: Step 1- Needs & Preferences

Audrey has a new series, Wardrobe from Scratch that I first saw on Fran's blog. And thought maybe I'll give it a whirl.  I'm not in the market for totally rebuilding my closet from scratch, just fine tuning it more.

Lifestyle Needs:
I currently work from home and don't need a lot of work staples like blazers, trousers etc.  When I am working from home you can find me in workout wear.  Weekends in the winter, skinny jeans & boots and some layering on top with a scarf.  Weekends in spring/summer dresses, maxi skirts, shorts etc.  I may be traveling to Hong Kong again for work this summer, I tend to bring old summer dresses and shorts but I will be in a new position so that means a little more professional while surviving the smoldering heat.

Style Preferences:
Looking at my Pinterest board this is what I gravitate towards.


  • stripes
  • sequins
  • lace
  • leopard
  • ethnic/intricate details


  • chambray
  • cream
  • grey
  • ballet pink
  • mint green

  • Lots of riding boots with leggings
  • Maxi skirts & dresses
  • Bohemian flare
  • Mixing black with brown
  • Pops of color using jewel tones (i.e. cobalt, fushia, coral, emerald, etc.)
  • Flowy tops & skinny bottoms (with riding boots for winter)
  • Distressed denim shorts for summer (aka the epitome of summer)

A couple of things I notice when peering into my closet:
  • I hate button downs.  I have 2, one leopard and one chambray.  The others that I have accumulated over the years I have donated to friends work wardrobes.  I have become a fan of the popover shirts like this one. I guess I am a little self conscience of the tummy area. ;) 
  • I  love to show off my legs in skinny jeans/pants whether is work related or weekend related.  
  • I  have 12 v-neck tees, in assorted colors. A fourth of them grey, oops!
  • Cotton cardigans > blazers.
  • Lots of colorful accessories, scarves, necklaces etc.
  • Fitted sheath dresses to look polished and put together. (I mainly choose these types for dressier occasions.)
Wow, that was a lot longer than expected.  I am meeting up with one of my good friends this weekend to which she is getting a bag of clothes to go through. :)  My goal is to go through some more in my closet before Saturday. My onward goal is quality over quantity for a zen closet. :)


  1. It's always good to re-evaluate your wardrobe! I recently went through mine and sold a lot of my stuff to the thrift store.  Then I was able to use that money to buy some great pieces!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  2. Sounds like a great plan! :) 

  3. I loved reading this. Although some parts of our style are different, I see lots of similarities as well. I think realizing what we like/not like really allows us to not constantly push ourselves to buy things we don't really like anyway. Good luck lady!