Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Virtual Coffee Date

Casey from the Wiegands occasionally will post virtual coffee dates on her blog and I love how inviting these posts are!  It always makes me feel that I am sitting at the same table with her and chatting about our day and life in general while her adorable kids are milling around us.  So grab your favorite beverage (mine would a Starbucks peppermint mocha) make your self cozy with a warm blanket and read on...

  • If we were having a coffee date, I would tell you that this last month (November) has been pretty hectic because I started working where my husband works at.  Since graduating (in 2006, eek!) my dream has been to work in this sector.  I feel that this is where I am suppose to be in my life.  I used to be anxious about going into a job, but here I feel no anxiety whatsoever.  I'm sad that my project is coming to a close soon.  I keep on praying that a part-time position will open up because it is the place where I want to be.
  • That being said, trying to keep up with other household chores and schedules has not been one of my strong suites lately.  I am a Type A Perfectionist, but I am slowly realizing I can't be perfect, have the perfect meal, the perfect house, be the perfect wife, etc.  I know I'm hard on myself but I am trying to break this habit because perfection is boring. ;)     
  •  If we were having a coffee date, I would tell you that a few years back I had lost some (ok, all) of my confidence in myself.  Lately I am slowly regaining that confidence and it feels wonderful! I am believing in myself and dreaming of different possibilities that await me.
  • I one of my good friends mom passed away last week.  She had been sick for awhile so it wasn't unexpected but its hard to be 28 and to lose your parent.  I can't imagine her pain, I wish I could carry some of the weight of her burden.
  • If we were having a coffee date, I would tell you that I have no idea what to get people for Christmas.  I'm totally stumped.  However this is my favorite time of year (chocolate peppermint everything!) and I want to make it last as long as possible. :) 
Thanks for stopping by & reading! :)

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