Thursday, December 20, 2012

This n That

Linking up with Katie and Jena to bring you This n That Thursday!

This: online sales have been rockin last week.  Free shipping makes me weak at the knees.  Purchases at JCrew and their factory store, check! Target, Check! Forever 21, check! (post on the goodies from Jcrew & F21 to come!)

That: I went to go wrap gifts yesterday only to discover my husband doesn't have tape in the house? Uh isn't tape a household necessity? (keep in mind we're still newlyweds learning about each other lol) Well he brought some home from work and he starts out by saying that he tape dispenser is such an odd shape and I'm like you stole the tape dispenser?! Turns out he didn't, just the tiny tape roll which I plan on returning if I don't use it all up.

This: I've been doing pretty ok with this whole meal planning thing. Thank you to food blogs, cooking light website, the allrecipes app, and my intuition.

That: I can't believe Christmas is next week! Where did the time go?

This: I finally found regular non-flavored k-cups that I love. I feel that kcups are watered down. I guess I like my coffee pretty strong. Green Mountain had a FB giveaway awhile back and sent out some samples. Vermont Country and Columbian Far Trade Select are my new favorites, thanks Green Mountain!

Edited to add, that roll of tape isn't working out to well lol
Have a great Thursday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

Katie Did What


  1. hahaha omg girl you had me cracking up about the tape!!! WHO doesn't have tape in the house?! sounds like something I would have said, too!! ;) Annnd YAY for all the free shipping! Can't wait to see what you got, esp from my fave, Forever 21!

    Thanks for linking up, Beth! :)


    1. Thank you for hosting this Katie! I enjoyed posting this! :)

  2. Tape is one of those things that always slips away unnoticed...Kinda like toilet don't know you're running low until you're COMPLETELY out!

    1. Lol you're toilet paper comment had me laughing so hard Ashley! Atleast we have some (okay like 2-3 Costco sized) packages of tp. ;)

  3. haha so cute!

    following your blog now :)

    if you have time hope you visit mine too! <3

    1. Hi Marsa! Thank you for stopping by! Your blog is so cute. :) Yay for being newlyweds! Merry Christmas!