Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIWW #3: "Are you going to the bathroom to take your picture?"

Funny story, my husband figured out last week that I have been taking outfit photos in the school bathroom.  Now every time I go to the bathroom he jokes "Are you going to go and take a picture of your outfit?" Why yes I am, unless you want to be a part-time photographer. ;)

Cream l/s tee: Walmart, Chartreuse sequin top: Loft, Brown pants: NY&Co
Sweater: Old Navy, Pants: NY&Co, Scarf: JCP, Necklace F21
This one the hubby volunteered to take for me, haha.
Tank: Target, Ruffle Shirt: NY&Co, Plaid Wide Leg Pants: NY&Co
Top: Walmart, Jeans: Limited, Scarf: AE
Turtleneck: Target, Necklace & Dress: NY&Co, Boots: Karen Scott via Macys

I should add I have a lot (err possibly all) of my dress clothes from NY&Co because I used to work there and got a great discount. lol Have a great Wednesday friends! :)
pleated poppy


  1. I LOVE your yellow scarf with turquoise sweater, great combination!

    1. Thanks Wendy! Have a good Wednesday! :)

  2. Pretty outfits! That's funny... My husband isn't too quick to volunteer to take my pictures either :)

    1. Thanks Ashley, it must be a hubby thing. Though mine has been taking pictures of his ties lately because he found a tie tieing app. Lol

  3. I need to get a job at Forever 21 or H&M so I can get a discount, because it's pretty bad how many clothes I own from them!!! haha You look great! Love you in stripes!!


  4. Awe thanks Katie, you're so sweet. :) I definitely have a stripe addiction lol